Monday, May 23, 2011


I swear that my kids have cellular have the time they talk to eachother. These are 2 hilarious conversations we had in the car this afternoon!
After picking up a $5 hot and ready pizza with breadsticks (I know...heart attack, but the fridge is empty folks).
Madelyn: "Mommy, can I have a chapstick?"
Me: "A what? You want chapstick?"
Madelyn: "Can I have a chapstick in the car?"
Me: "Oh, Madelyn! Those aren't chapsticks, they're breadsticks!"
Benjamin: "Mommy, are chapsticks from China?"
Me: "No, you can get chapsticks anywhere, honey."
Benjamin: "I still don't really know how to eat with chapsticks."

HA! Then about a minute and a half later....
Benjamin: "Some houses have garages in them and some houses have garages nextdoor."
Me: "Yes, that's right honey. We have a garage in our house and we can drive right in it."
Madelyn: "I don't want to drive in it! I don't want to drive in it!" (crying)
Me: "You don't want to drive in what?"
Madelyn: "I don't want to drive in the carwash, Mommy!!" (Madelyn is TERRIFIED of the carwash! Talks and thinks about it all the time!)

I just have to record some of these conversations otherwise I will forget and too often I do forget the good ones!

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